ShareFile Employees Share Their Resolutions

With the start of the new year, now is the time to make resolutions. Whether it’s going to the gym every day, being more productive, or staying organized, everyone has a goal for improving their life this year. Here are some resolutions the employees at ShareFile are setting for 2013:

This year, I resolve to find a stylish way to wear a hard hat. With all this exciting construction, I’m going to need one!” – Ashton Smith, Associate Project Manager

Break my iPhone addiction. I live and breathe social 24/7. Wake up in the morning, scan Facebook newsfeed for any interesting updates. Brush teeth, check Twitter. Walk the dog, check in at the mail box on Foursquare. My resolution is to learn how to take a break sometimes, but only for short periods because I’ll have social withdrawals otherwise!” – Jennifer Smith, Marketing Specialist

Go to an alpaca farm.” – Alex Hofford, Account Manager

My resolution this year is to pay off my credit card debt.” – Alex Boyd, Associate Designer

I am resolving to be more involved with family this year. Visit my grandparents more, take trips to see my cousins, and just generally make a better effort to involve them in my life and show I love them more often.” – Davis Litzenberger, Business Analyst

What are your new year’s resolutions for this year? How do you plan on making them happen? Share them with us below!

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