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Solving data sprawl with ShareFile Drive Mapper

Let’s face it. “Data sprawl” is the new reality – and a significant challenge for today’s IT infrastructure. Content is stored on devices, in the cloud, in company storage repositories such as SharePoint and One Drive, and in personal cloud tools. And it’s causing enormous problems.

Connecting to and protecting your data

Citrix ShareFile helps you regain control over your corporate data –in the office and on the go. Drive Mapper allows you to connect a ShareFile account as a mapped drive in Windows without performing a full data sync. You’ll only need to maintain a small data cache on local hard drives, significantly reducing local storage needs. This feature also supports access to files stored on Network Drives, SharePoint, Personal Cloud Connectors, Office 365 Connectors, and Restricted Zones.

Benefits for IT

Deploying Drive Mapper to Users

There are two ways to download Drive Mapper:

  1. Users login and download it from the ‘Apps’ tab of their ShareFile account
  2. Admins perform push installation for all users using the Downloads page.

To learn more, check out our Drive Mapper Knowledgebase article.

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