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A perfect fit: How ShareFile customizes for customers

Part of the customer experience we always strive for with ShareFile is providing a professional, custom solution for businesses. We want your ShareFile account to work for you exactly in the way you need. And it’s our hope that customizing all aspects of it can really make a difference for you by showing your clients what you can offer in your business. What are some examples?

ShareFile customizes security.

ShareFile provides configurable controls to help you customize your password policy, session timeout and account lockout. Additionally, you can require a user passcode to enforce access controls and encryption for mobile apps. But that’s just the start.

With ShareFile, we offer cloud storage solutions, on-premise storage solutions or a mix of both, depending on what you need. For our healthcare customers, we even offer a private, dedicated cloud for PHI so that ShareFile supports HIPAA compliance.

Customizable folder permissions let you control who sees your data and when. Link expirations offer similar control, so you know that people can download a file only when you allow them. And this is just a sample. Check out the ShareFile Knowledge Base for more information.

ShareFile customizes your brand.

With ShareFile, you can take what you already know enough about your customers to personalize their experience in uploading, downloading and sharing files. It can be simply incorporating your website and logo to the header or footer of your account pages, or more than that.

Some prefer branding using distinctive colors, backgrounds, background patterns, fonts and more of their own choosing. This page provides an overview of the ways you can custom-brand your client portal.

For more elaborate customization for your account, members of the ShareFile branding team are there to help you with the process and ensure that the design is appealing and meets your needs. We handle making bigger upgrades professionally and affordably for Professional and above accounts.

In fact, our team custom-brands upwards of 10,000 accounts a month, and we are more than ready to do the same for you.

Want to learn more about custom branding? We have a lot of branding how-tos in the knowledge base. Want more customization? Let us know what else we can do to help.