ShareFile customers tell us their favorite features

We recently shared some of our employee’s favorite ShareFile features, which got us to thinking: what are our customer’s favorite features? To find out, we polled our customers to see which features they love and how those features help streamline their workflow. We received a variety of responses, a few of which we’ve collected here for you.

Email notifications save time for one busy architect

“My favorite feature so far is the automatic notifications that a new file has been uploaded.

Seems simple but being so busy it’s easy to forget to shoot an email to someone that the new file is available. This feature eliminates that step.” – Ben Ledbetter, Thomas Brennan Architects

With upload alerts turned on in folders, Ben gets notified when someone uploads a new file, so he never has to waste time waiting on files again. For larger projects, which require collaboration from colleagues, clients and even third parties, ShareFile’s email notifications keep the ball rolling and let everyone know exactly when a file is added or updated. When you’re a small business, that time saved is money in your pocket.

The ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook streamlines workflows

“I’ve been using ShareFile for about nine months now, and things have been so convenient when sending large files to clients, contractors and consultants. My work efficiency has increased since the time I started utilizing the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook. The simplicity of sending secured files allows me, and the office, to have peace of mind knowing the files were received with confirmation.” – Spencer St. Thomas, Bazan Architects

The ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook allows users like Spencer to send files with ShareFile directly from the body of an email, bypassing attachment file-size restrictions and delivering files to recipients securely. And the best part is: you don’t even have to open a web browser; the plugin automatically converts files to ShareFile links so you never have to add a step to your workflow to get the added security and ease of mind that ShareFile provides.

The ShareFile Desktop Widget ends hassles and speeds up work

“ShareFile is one of the most valuable tools for sending files containing enormous amounts of information very fast and secure. The upload time is so fast, and I absolutely love my ShareFile Desktop Widget, which saves me even more time.” – Dana Tircuit, Louisiana Insurance Guaranty Association

The ShareFile Desktop Widget allows you to upload, download, send and request files without ever launching your web browser. You can drag and drop files to the widget, which automatically uploads the files to ShareFile, or you can request files from recipients right from your desktop. You get access to your account — and all of its wonderful features — with one less step.

Starting to see a trend? For most of our customers, ShareFile gives them the security, reporting and tracking they need without any extra steps or hassles. It’s an easy-to-use, secure solution that provides a variety of tools to meet a variety of needs.

Don’t believe our customers? Try ShareFile free for 30 days to see for yourself why ShareFile is the built-for-business file-sharing service of choice for millions of users.