Citrix ShareFile’s new customer care team means someone is always there to answer your account questions

Ever lay awake at night as your to-do list plays in your mind and remember all of the things you forgot to do? Maybe you meant to call your Citrix ShareFile account manager about a billing issue, but you never got around to it.

Well now, no matter what time of day or night you need a ShareFile account manager, someone will be there. Just as our customer support is available 24/7 to help you with your technical needs, you can now get your account-related questions answered around the clock as well.

What’s ShareFile customer care?

We’ve merged the ShareFile customer support and account management teams to create the all-new ShareFile customer care team. Now, whenever you call, whether it’s about a problem you’re having or a question about your account, we can help with all of your needs, questions and concerns. Our dedicated account and product specialists are here to ensure you get a resolution for any question in just one phone call.

You’ll still have the same friendly and customer-centric service that you have come to know and love, but now, you don’t have to wait for someone to get back to you. A dedicated account specialist will always be there when you call.

What does that mean for me?

Perhaps you’re a CPA working late on a Friday night and need a quick training on how to best use your ShareFile account. Or, maybe you’re at the park with your children on a Saturday morning multi-tasking with work and have a quick question about billing. Either way, we are here.

By integrating the account management and customer support teams, we can help you at all times — no matter if the issue is technical or account related.

So, what will change when I call ShareFile for help?

Basically, it means quicker help. If you’ve called ShareFile customer support in the past for a training or billing issue, the support representative may have sent the call to your account manager, who may not have been able to get back to you immediately. This will no longer be the case. You’ll now have an entire customer care team of product and account specialists that can help you whenever you call.

And, this doesn’t mean you can’t still work with your former account manager. If you want help only from the name you know, that’s okay, too. Just ask for that person by name when you need assistance.

We want the best for our customers, and we’re always trying to look for ways to make sure ShareFile works for you, in exactly the way you need it to. We hope this change makes getting the most from ShareFile that much easier!

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