How ShareFile manages personally branding and customizing each account

Without a doubt, one of my favorite features that ShareFile offers to customers is custom branding. For every account, our graphic design specialists customize your ShareFile portal to match your company logo and website—at no extra charge, I might add—to help you seamlessly integrate ShareFile into your day-to-day operations.

We typically brand around 2,500 accounts each week, which sometimes averages to more than 24 accounts per hour for each branding specialist. With these types of numbers, you can imagine that our branding team stays pretty busy! I recently sat down with the man in charge of it all, Kross Pham, lead branding associate, to gain some insight into his role and how branding benefits our customers. Here’s some of the highlights of our conversation:

What’s your role at here at ShareFile?

As the lead branding associate, I manage the branding team and facilitate account customizations, which includes things like branding, email template changes, and terms and conditions—just to name a few.

How do you ensure that each ShareFile account is customized to match the customer’s logo and website?

First and foremost, I couldn’t do it without the incredible branding team that I oversee. We work hard to meet all of our customers’ needs and wants as much as possible. We typically brand each account to match the customer’s website, but by no means are we restricted to just that. I encourage team members to work with each individual customer to add their own style and flavor into the design. We’re really here to try to see what looks best and make that happen for the customers.

What kind of feedback do you receive after branding a customer’s account?

The best feedback I actually receive comes from my colleagues. I always strive to meet our core values, one of which is being customer centric, but I really love seeing how I can help a colleague sell an account because of the branding feature, or how I can help troubleshoot an issue related to branding. We all win when this happens and when our customers are happy.

What do you enjoy most about your job at ShareFile?

I enjoy the team and environment that I am a part of, and also the smiles I leave on customers’ faces when they see their branding for the first time. It makes the job really rewarding.

Thanks, Kross!

A huge thank you to our branding team for giving our customers their own personalized ShareFile portal! Do you have a cool branding story? We’d love to hear your feedback on how branding has improved your experience with ShareFile.

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