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ShareFile and Medical Imaging

With our ability to support HIPAA compliance, healthcare providers trust ShareFile to store and manage patient documents safely with 256-bit encryption. Patient records and billing are easily filed in the cloud or on-premise with ShareFile.

But we knew we could do more for the medical field, especially when it came to storing and viewing dynamic images. ShareFile Medical Imaging allows patients and other providers to upload medical images, intake forms, and medical histories all in one place. Patient appointments, follow ups, and referrals can be managed from ShareFile. This ensures productive and efficient patient visits.

Surgeons, Oncologists, and many other specialists rely on medical imaging to evaluate new patients coming into their clinics. New patients often arrive with images on incompatible CDs, large X-ray images, or thick file folders full of patient information – if they remember to bring them at all. If the referring doctor or practice sent images and documents vid ShareFile, one simple encrypted link and a quick download eliminates the need for a clunky transfer of information.

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