ShareFile and baseball: by the numbers

What do Citrix ShareFile and baseball have in common?

We love stats!It’s that magical time of year where we can all cheer on local favorite Durham Bulls and pull for our teams in the College World Series (best of luck to UNC and NC State!). We also create a little stat magic of our own here at ShareFile. Check out these fun facts from both ShareFile and baseball that help us measure excellence:

  • In 2012, American League MVP Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers won a Triple Crown by leading the AL in batting average, home runs and RBIs. This made him the first player to do so since 1967. Even more impressively, Cabrera is threatening to repeat with a batting average of .369, 59 RBIs and 15 home runs by the end of May.
  • In the last month, the ShareFile support team answered our calls in an average of 28 seconds. We hope you don’t miss the hold music!
  • Baseball analysts talk about WHIP (walks/hits per inning), but did you know this useful stat was originally conceived by a baseball fan? Daniel Okrent, fantasy baseball pioneer, came up with the ratio to neatly determine a pitcher’s ability to prevent batters from getting on base. Current MLB WHIP leaders are Matt Harvey of the New York Mets (National League, 0.82) and Hisashi Iwakuma of the Seattle Mariners (American League, 0.84).
  • We take your business and branding seriously. Last week, the ShareFile branding team completed more than 1500 account customizations for our clients.
  • We’ve all heard the Chicago Cubs are the most unlucky franchise in baseball — they haven’t won a World Series since 1908. But the World Series has a remarkable tendency to stay in the hands of just a few teams. In the 108 World Series competitions since 1903, the New York Yankees have appeared 40 times, winning 27 championships. The runner-up St. Louis Cardinals have won 11 championships.
  • We believe that efficiency and quality should go hand in hand. Not only is our support team quick to respond, they also receive “Great” responses on over 95% of our support ticket customer surveys.

What important stats do you use to keep your business on track? Share them with us below.