ShareFile adds ‘Inbox’ feature

As you may have noticed (or very soon will), your ShareFile account looks a little different. When we set out to refresh the ShareFile web application, we wanted to do more than just show off the skills of our web designers (although, if you’ve seen the redesign, I hope you agree that they’ve done quite well). Most importantly, we wanted to show our customer-centric values by focusing on new features that would most help your work flow.

However, as much as we think about our customers and how you use ShareFile, we don’t stop there. We’re also thinking about your end users—your employees, clients and customers—and how ShareFile can most fit their needs. This means that even if they aren’t using ShareFile every single day, we still want their ShareFile experience to be as easy as possible.

We hope to accomplish this with a new feature called Inbox.

The ShareFile Inbox feature is the collection of all of the files that have been sent to you through your ShareFile account—all in one place. With this new feature, you no longer need to search through your email inbox to find the various links to files that have been sent to you.

Not only will files that have been sent to you appear in your ShareFile Inbox, but requests for files will appear as well. Uploading requested files is as easy as selecting the request from the list. By consolidating the location of the links in one place, we hope that we have increased the flexibility and ease of use of ShareFile for everyone.

While every ShareFile user will have an Inbox, we hope this feature will be particularly useful for those who are not in ShareFile every day, but are only sent files every now and then. Now, they will no longer have to hunt down the original emails just to access the message and files sent.

You can read more about the Inbox feature in our Knowledge Base.

What feature of the ShareFile redesign have you been most happy to see? Leave us your feedback in the comments below.