Four ways to get more from your ShareFile Accounting client portal now that tax season is over

If you’re an accountant, you may be tempted to take a long vacation in May to recover your sanity after a long and grueling tax season. But, while you’re taking a break, you should also start thinking of ways to streamline your workflows and optimize your processes, so the rest of year — and next year’s tax season — isn’t quite so stressful.

Your client portal is invaluable during tax season, helping you securely exchange tax returns and client documents in an instant, but what do you do with it the rest of the year? Now that tax season is behind us, your portal doesn’t have to suffer from neglect; there are plenty of ways you can get more out of your client portal outside of tax season.

  • Post past years’ tax returns: You can make clients’ past years financial documents and tax returns available 24/7, so when they need to, clients can take out a loan to purchase a home or business without needing to add to your admin time or costs.
  • Transfer large files: On top of taxes, many CPAs also do QuickBooks consulting for their clients. A portal offers a convenient place for your client to upload these extremely large files without running into email file-size limitations.
  • Distribute your newsletter: A newsletter is a great way to stay in regular contact with your client, and if you use your portal to send it, you can get easy visibility and reporting into which clients are reading it.
  • Cut costs: Using a portal over other methods like paper, mail and flash drives can help you save time and money on clients requests and regular distributions, and can help you serve your clients faster than ever before.

And, if you aren’t already using ShareFile as a client portal during tax season, you may want to consider it to make next year a little easier. Here’s what some of our current accounting customers have to say about ShareFile:

Clients are much happier with the speed and the security of file transfers between our firm and them.” – Patrick Dunlap, network and systems specialist, JamisonMoneyFarmer

“ShareFile has definitely made us more efficient, and it’s made our operational processes a bit smoother, allowing us to have more time to actually do our jobs. .” – R. Brooks Malone III, CPA and partner Hughes Pittman & Gupton, LLP

“The products Citrix puts out are simple and intuitive. There aren’t 50,000 buttons and options on the screen. I appreciate simple. It just does what it says, and it just works.” – David Enns, Found and CPA, Enns & Associates, Inc.

Find out how ShareFile can help your streamline your clients communication during tax season and year round at the ShareFile Accounting information page.