Want to tighten up the security settings in your ShareFile account?

As an industry leader in secure file transfer, ShareFile provides peace of mind for individuals or businesses that needs to make sure their files are sent securely. With ShareFile, customers can rest assured that their files are protected in transit and at rest using strong encryption. In fact, ShareFile encrypts all customer file in storage using AES 256-bit encryption.

Did you also know that there are also several security settings that you can customize and control within your own account or by calling your account manager? We give customers the option to create tighter security settings to make sure that their ShareFile account is providing the right amount of security for their needs while also maintaining the ease of use they love about our service.

Here are some ways you can customize and enhance the security for your individual ShareFile account:

Password policy

Administrators can set an account-wide password policy for their users to help enhance security.  Options include setting a password expiration date, choosing a history, and increasing the password complexity settings, such as length and character requirements. Currently, we provision all new accounts to require passwords of at least eight characters, one letter and one number, but you should create a password policy for your account that aligns with your own internal standards or industry regulatory requirements. You can manage your password settings by clicking Admin in your navigation bar, and then selecting Password Policy.

Session-inactivity timeouts

This setting will log out inactive users after a certain amount of time expires. Additionally, users may log themselves out of an existing session by selecting the log-out button. You can modify this setting by selecting Advanced Preferences under the Admin section in your account.

Account lockout

With this feature, ShareFile will lock out a user for a certain amount of time following a specified number of unsuccessful log-in attempts. The default setting in ShareFile is to lock out a user for five minutes after five invalid log-in attempts, but you can personalize the appropriate threshold for both the amount of lock-out time and the number of invalid log-in attempts for your individual account by contacting your ShareFile account manager.

IP restrictions

You can put IP restrictions on your account to prohibit users logging in from certain IP addresses from accessing your account. These restrictions allow or deny certain IP ranges for employees or clients logging in and also for recipients of Send and Request operations. To implement IP restrictions, you’ll need to contact your ShareFile account manager.

Require users to log in to download

This security feature, when enabled, requires users to log in before they can download a file. This also restricts users from sending a ShareFile link manually through their own email software. As with the IP restrictions, if you would like to enable this feature, please contact your ShareFile account manager.

For more information about how to customize your ShareFile security settings, contact your dedicated account manager, whose information you can find by clicking Help within the main navigation of your ShareFile account. And of course, you can also email us anytime at support@sharefile.com.