Send Large Files Directly From Outlook

Forget about wasting your time with traditional FTP services. ShareFile offers a way to send large files directly from your email. The ShareFile Outlook Plug-in allows you to insert links to your files, email large files, and request files directly from Microsoft Outlook.  You can also choose for all attachments to be sent via ShareFile rather than your internal email server.

When composing email messages using the Outlook Plug-in, you will be given three new buttons: Send a File, Request a File and Send from ShareFile.  You can also select to send files using your Outlook Plug-in by simply right-clicking on them in your Windows Explorer screen or Desktop. Additionally, if you have files attached to your email through the regular Outlook attachment option, ShareFile has a button Convert to ShareFile that will change the attachment to a ShareFile link.

Click on the screen shots below:








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