Securely share documents as you chat with Citrix ShareFile and Cotap

Are you spending more time away from your desk, but still need to keep in touch with your entire team on the go? Need to share a quick update on a proposal? Or ask a question on a contract?

Thanks to Cotap’s integration with Citrix ShareFile, you can easily share a document stored in ShareFile as you securely message and collaborate in real time using Cotap’s mobile app. As the secure, mobile-messaging solution for businesses, Cotap’s new integration with ShareFile will bring two built-for-business tools into one simple step.

Many people use Cotap to get answers to questions, send documents, photos, and relay urgent alerts to their teams. It’s also quick and easy for teams to create a group to share relevant news and updates, so business-critical information is never missed.

Using ShareFile within Cotap, you can now:

  • Quickly send a file to one or many people with just a few taps, similar to sharing a photo in most messaging apps.
  • View content in high-fidelity preview without needing to download the entire file.
  • See recently modified files first, so relevant documents are always the most accessible.

When you share a ShareFile document via Cotap, your recipients will see it almost instantly, because they receive a push notification on their phone, or a desktop notification if they are at their computer.

Now available on Android and coming soon to iOS. Add your ShareFile account to your Cotap app today and let us know what you think!

About the Author

Adrian Phillips leads product marketing for Citrix ShareFile. With a diverse career dating back to the dot-boom era, his passion is helping customers transform the way they work by using cloud-based technologies. Striving to live a paperless life in Raleigh, N.C., Adrian holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism.