3 Ways Secure Collaboration Software Keeps You Compliant

When your team shares files with one another or externally with vendors and clients, how can you be sure your collaboration tools support compliance standards?

Security is always the top priority if your business frequently handles sensitive data such as protected health information (PHI), financial audits, clinical study results, confidential intellectual property, or legal documents. However, in this day and age, businesses of all types need to keep security top of mind. For example, your HR manager collects names, birth dates, and social security numbers each time you have a new hire. Those employees trust that their data is safe within the confines of their new place of work.

We compiled a list of the key features to look for when choosing secure collaboration software for any type of business to keep that sensitive data airtight.

Strict document permission settings

With the ability to grant view-only access to certain users, you are in complete control of your business’s data. If view-only access is not enough, implement dynamic watermarking of the user’s name or IP address to discourage any unauthorized distribution such as printing or downloading.

Document and folder-level Q&A

Limit the amount of email threads, which open unwanted opportunities of human error and security incidents, by using a question and answer feature at the document or folder level. Here you can ask questions, answer them, and even search for previously asked questions and answers.

User activity tracking and monitoring

Keep a close eye on everything that happens to your data through granular monitoring per user and folder. Look for software that features folder analytics and audit logs. Click trail reporting allows you to review each login session to find out exactly how your data is being accessed. You can use this feature to see what a user opened in detail including how long they reviewed a given folder or viewed a file.

Start testing these security features out now to see for yourself how ShareFile collaboration software keeps you compliant. Sign up here to try free for a week.