Salesforce and ShareFile: A match made in productivity heaven

OK, maybe there’s not such a place as productivity heaven. But we think our new ShareFile app for Salesforce is a pretty awesome pairing of two tools designed to help you work more efficiently.

The ShareFile app for Salesforce gives you access to key ShareFile functions from within Salesforce. That means you no longer have to open another application to share a file or search for a document. With ShareFile for Salesforce, you can create new folders, upload and download files, send files to any email address, search files and folders, edit file names and even delete files — all from your Salesforce screen.

And as always, the ShareFile documents you access or send from Salesforce are protected by ShareFile’s top-level security features, so your data is encrypted during transfer and at rest on our servers. Additionally, StorageZones and enterprise directory integration provide your IT department with maximum flexibility.

Need more convincing? Watch this:

And now, go to the Salesforce app exchange! If you’re a Salesforce user, there’s no reason to put this marriage off any longer. Contact your Salesforce admin to get the app today — and let this be the start of a long, productive relationship.