ShareFile + RightSignature: Empowering professionals with e-signatures from ShareFile

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with RightSignature, a leading provider of secure electronic signature services, to bring you a fast, easy and secure way to obtain electronic signatures on important documents, right from your Citrix ShareFile account.

The partnership offers ShareFile users a simple and intuitive tool for getting critical business documents signed and returned for storage within ShareFile. Combined with the tracking, alerts and top-of-the-line security features that you already know and love in ShareFile, RightSignature is one more way that you can simplify and streamline your business with ShareFile.

It’s as easy as this: When you add RightSignature to your ShareFile account, you’ll see a new option, “Get Signature,” in the dropdown menu of each file.  Selecting “Get Signature” will upload that file to RightSignature, where you can select the person or people who need to sign that document and designate where the signature should be located on the document.  The signer(s) will receive a link to the document via email, along with instructions for signing. Once they’ve signed and submitted it (via mouse, typing or even webcam), the signed copy of the document is deposited back into the ShareFile folder it came from.

The result is one of the easiest solutions on the market for secure file storage, syncing, sharing and signing — all from one interface.  ShareFile + RightSignature is available today as an add-on to all ShareFile accounts. To learn more about how the integration works, check out our video walkthrough.

For details on pricing and launching the feature on your account, please contact us at 1-855-872-4016 or via email at You can also visit the ‘Apps’ tab in your ShareFile account for more information.

  • AllanFefergrad


  • Cary Dunn

    Nice work!

  • Michael

    Jacks or better?

    1) How does a luddite client sign the doc?

    2) Does this work with companies that want a wet signature?

    3) Does the IRS accept Right Signatures for tax extensions, electronic filing authrorizations, W4, W9, paper 1040s, etc?

    4) Do insurance companies offering to bank draft payment option for a life or health insurance premium accept Right Signatures?

    5) Do mutual fund custodians accept
    a) Right Signature for liquidations that would not require a (Green) Medallioin Signature?
    b)How about bank draft of money into a mutual fund?

    6) Will a Title Company accept an original or modification of an agreement of sale via Right Signature?

    Eliminating o’night mail would be a good thing.
    Remembering Dilbert…Change is Good; You go first!


  • Michael- Thank you for your inquiry. See responses below to your questions.

    1) This video shows the whole process as well:

    2) RightSignature captures a real, hand-drawn biometric signature,
    so the completed documents look almost identical to pen-and-paper documents.
    RightSignature’s electronic signature is the modern equivalent of the old
    “wet” signature, only with stronger security, authentication, and
    legal defensibility.

    3-6) Yes, (accountants, insurance brokers,
    financial advisors, mortgage brokers) use RightSignature to obtain signatures
    on these documents currently.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us
    at 1-855-872-4016 and someone on our team will be happy to assist you.

  • Valerie

    Can you show us how the client actually signs the document? Do they need any kind of technology on their side?

  • Valerie- Absolutely. Take a look at this video demo: As always, please feel free to give us a call (1-855-872-4016) and we’d be happy to walk you through and answer any questions you may have. Hope this helps!

  • Adam Shay

    The IRS still does not accept electronic signatures on official IRS documents. Once they do, this will be great. Keep pushing them to accept them.

    • CPA

      and now they do for many forms!

      • Adam Shay

        Not unless you’re reading or interpreting different regulations than I am. Yes, they can apply but not by this method. Hoping for the day as it would save us a ton of time and efficiency.

  • Joe

    If I have 100 documents that need digital signatures every month, what can I expect to pay for this service and/or per document?

    • Hi Joe, thanks for inquiring. Give us a call at 1-800-441-3453 and we can talk through pricing for your situation. Thanks!