Step 1: Tell friends about ShareFile. Step 2: Earn rewards.

Citrix ShareFile customers now have an easy way to tell their clients, friends and associates about ShareFile and earn rewards for it.  Today marks the launch of Refer-a-Friend, a new way for ShareFile customers to receive thanks for spreading the word about ShareFile.

ShareFile strives to provide superior products and world-class customer service to our business clients.  With Refer-a-Friend, happy ShareFile customers can confidently recommend ShareFile to anyone with just a few clicks and earn great rewards in the process.

Refer-a-Friend gives ShareFile customers the ability to create unique, traceable links that can be shared via email, Facebook and Twitter.  If someone signs up for a free ShareFile trial via one of your links, you will be notified.  If they decide to sign up for a paid account, you get a $100 gift card, redeemable at top retailers, at popular charities or for cash value.

“We have some of the happiest customers in the world, and we’ve been asked before why they can’t just invite people to try ShareFile themselves,” says marketing analyst Kevin Hill. “With Refer-a-Friend, we wanted to make it easy for them to tell others about ShareFile, and reward them for it at the same time.”

Refer-a-Friend launches today and can be accessed by anyone with a ShareFile account. To get started, visit the Refer-a Friend page and simply enter your name and email address.  Inside the sharing widget, you can easily share via email, Facebook, Twitter or a personal link. After sharing, track your stats within the widget to see how many of your friends have started a trial or signed on for a paid account. You’ll be sharing and earning rewards in no time!

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