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Raising the Bar: Benefits of a hands-on approach

When you purchase new technology for your company, it takes time to train everyone properly. What if you don’t (or can’t) get to it right away? At ShareFile, we help the customer at any stage of the journey. It’s my favorite part of being a Customer Success Manager.

In November of 2015, a full year after they joined the ShareFile family, I called Howard Gartman CPA, PA in Pinehurst, North Carolina to check on their progress. Their intention with ShareFile was to offer their clients the most secure option for submitting and storing tax information. Their clients needed to feel safe sending the information digitally. Frances and Marissa, employees at the firm, assumed the role of ShareFile Champions. They achieved a lot on their own, including creating a ShareFile login box integrated with their company website. For the rest of the office, ShareFile was a huge leap from actual paper. They needed in-person, hands-on help — so I drove to Pinehurst to meet them in person and really help dig in deep with the team.

The meeting went incredibly well. Moving from desk to desk, I set each employee up with a ShareFile account and installed the Desktop app on each computer. We also covered creating a system of secure client folders — folders their clients still actively use to store personal tax information.

Once they were fully on-board, they sent out a welcome email to their clients introducing the ShareFile service. “We had a couple clients that immediately sent everything into the portal,” says Frances. “So many of them have opted for ShareFile because they are comfortable with the security, and it’s a great way for them to send us their information. The fact that it is also easy for them to use is just icing on the cake for us. ”


Does this story sound familiar to you? You’re not alone. Know that you can contact our Customer Success team at any time to get things rolling with your ShareFile account.

p.s. Have you experienced successful customer service with us? We’d love to hear your story, too! Enter it here.