Save and upload no more: now you can print files directly to ShareFile

Securely sharing information with people outside of your company isn’t always easy, and many industry-specific systems that protect sensitive data inside your business don’t always talk to applications outside your business. These hassles create a sharing workflow that’s neither efficient nor particularly secure.

For instance, some workflows require you to virtually print your documents to a PDF before you can email them; meanwhile, others make you print and fax or mail hard copies. Such tedious and time-consuming approaches create security gaps that can expose your company to data breaches and even lead to regulatory fines.

Enter Citrix ShareFile’s new Print-to-ShareFile virtual print driver, which makes workflow inefficiency and regulatory-compliance concerns things of the past.

If you routinely create PDFs to share information from your business systems, particularly password-protected PDFs, you know how a few extra steps multiplied across documents can become a huge amount of wasted time. ShareFile’s virtual print driver eliminates these steps, combining some of the print-to-PDF functionality you use now with the ability to upload information directly into your secure ShareFile account that supports regulatory compliance.

Compliance is especially important if you work with protected health information (PHI) or other sensitive data. Our virtual print driver removes any local record of confidential files, helping to protect you from compliance violations. Since your documents live in ShareFile’s private cloud, you never have to create or keep track of PDF passwords. And with the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, you can securely share information with anyone outside of your organization right from your inbox.

Eliminate your workflow and compliance concerns; get ShareFile Print-to-ShareFile from the Apps tab in your ShareFile account today.

About the Author

Adrian Phillips leads product marketing for Citrix ShareFile. With a diverse career dating back to the dot-boom era, his passion is helping customers transform the way they work by using cloud-based technologies. Striving to live a paperless life in Raleigh, N.C., Adrian holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

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    What a fantastic tool! This will certainly be a nice timesaver.