Presentations on the go? ShareFile and SlideShark make it possible!

Citrix ShareFile users can now show presentations on their iPhones and iPads, thanks to our new partnership with SlideShark™, the leading app for showing PowerPoint presentations on iOS devices the way they were meant to be seen. When you combine business-friendly file share with effective presentation software, this elegant solution gives your team on-demand access to presentations and ensures presenters have the latest approved content and messaging.

Link your SlideShark and ShareFile accounts together to conveniently open ShareFile-stored presentations in SlideShark from all your devices. SlideShark allows you to show the presentation from your phone or tablet with all the features you created — animations, graphics and more — just like it looks on your computer. There’s no compromise when you’re presenting on the go, so you can take full advantage of every business opportunity.

SlideShark has a free version for individual users and a paid edition for team collaboration. Try it today by signing up for free trials of both SlideShark and Citrix ShareFile. It only takes minutes to sign up — no commitment required — and you can start storing, accessing and presenting your PowerPoint files right away.