5 most popular ShareFile Apps: Get your docs into ShareFile faster

ShareFile is built for business. It is built to save you time while maintaining the security and privacy your business needs. ShareFile can store every document in your business – a task that is much easier if you have one of our ShareFile Apps uploading those documents for you.

ShareFile comes with tons of Apps and integrations that upload, sync, and share files within your existing workflows. Of course, you can always upload and access files within your web browser, but you can also access files from a number of our most popular applications.

How many of these crowd favorites are you using today?

  1. Plugin for Microsoft Outlook (PCs): Share files within Microsoft Outlook while maintaining bank-level security.
  1. Print to ShareFile (PCs): Use the Print command from any application to create PDFs and save directly to ShareFile.
  1. Desktop App (Macs and PCs): Access your ShareFile documents from an icon on your desktop – like a mobile application for your desktop.
  1. ShareFile Sync (Macs and PCs): Automatically upload files to ShareFile as you create and save them in your desktop documents folder.
  1. ShareFile Mobile Apps (iPhone and Android): Use your phone or tablet to access ShareFile anywhere.

That’s just the beginning. In addition to Apps, we also integrate with software partners in your industry to save you time. Check out a few of our most popular integrations or view a complete list on the Apps tab of your ShareFile account.

Ready to move your docs to ShareFile faster?

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