How to pawn off your Halloween candy on your co-workers

Now that Halloween has come and gone, I’m guessing you probably have a few sugary leftovers hanging around. And it’s such a slippery snacking slope, isn’t it? You go from enjoying the occasional piece of candy at your desk after meetings, to cursing whoever named them “fun size.”

You’re not alone! With Americans expected to spend more than $7 billion this year on Halloween candy — which includes over 35 million pounds of candy corn — you need a strategy for balancing out all those sweets! So here are a few suggestions to help you secretly share your stash and pawn off those sweets on your co-workers.

1. Bake cupcakes. Sneak that candy into other treats; recycle Halloween candy by using it as decorations and toppers for cupcakes to surprise your team. Or if you’re really daring, you could use those mini candy bars to make a gooey cupcake center.

2. Set up a rewards system. Nobody enjoys having to clean the fridge or wash the dishes. So turn those communal kitchen chores into a game and reward your co-workers with a piece of candy for each job well done.

3. Re-gift. As tacky as it sounds, re-gifting candy is actually a cute and low-cost way to put a smile on someone’s face any day of the week. Just buy some colorful mugs or bags, fill them with non-holiday specific candy and wrap them with a bit of gauze or ribbon for an instant co-worker pick me up.

4. Make some birthday favors. If your coworkers enjoy throwing office birthday parties, donate that old Halloween candy to the cause! Set up a community party bowl — it’s fun, easier than cake and offers everyone a variety of flavors.

5. Have a sundae party. Crushed up leftover Halloween candy makes an excellent selection of sundae toppings. And really, who needs an excuse to enjoy ice cream in the middle of the day? Your entire office will love the excuse to kick back and enjoy a childhood favorite.

6. Give the gift of hope. Operation Shoebox is an awe-inspiring charity makes care packages for local and deployed service members. Get your office together and make a difference by putting together shoeboxes of outdated supplies, cell phones and of course Halloween candy to send.

Now we’re certainly not saying that you shouldn’t indulge in sugary treats every once in a while. We’re simply encouraging you to avoid those terrible sugar crashes and parse out the Halloween treats. After all, sharing is caring!