Why Parents Should Consider Workshifting

Workshifting, which is essentially working from anywhere, at any time, on any device, has become a popular trend in recent years, particularly for parents. No matter what industry you work in, getting things done does not always require confining yourself to the traditional office or cubicle. Because we are now more connected than ever through our mobile devices, employees have the ability to work from home, the coffee shop, or even their kid’s soccer game.

A recent study shows that over 80 percent of employees say they maintain a better work-life balance by telecommuting.*  Parents, especially, need to have flexibility in their work schedule if they want to be truly present in their children’s lives.  School events and extracurricular activities often take place during business hours, and many parents miss out on these pivotal moments because they work in a traditional office setting.

I recently spoke to Jennifer Roche, Recruiting Coordinator at Citrix and a parent of two young daughters.  She provided some valuable insight on how workshifting has benefited her not only as a Citrix employee, but as a parent as well: “Being able to workshift has benefited me in a number of ways.  As a parent, I feel more present and available when there are preschool events, or when my children get sick.  As an employee, I feel a sense of empowerment and ownership of my duties and responsibilities even more now that I have the freedom and ability to prioritize myself from any location. Citrix has given me plenty of amazing tools to be able to do what I need to do from virtually anywhere I am. ”

All parents can agree that there are times when they absolutely need to be there for their children – whether due to an illness, event, or just to spend quality time together.  If you are a parent and are considering implementing workshifting into your routine, check out how some of the Citrix products can assist you.

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*Source: Workshifting.com

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