Our New Power Tool: ShareFile Sync

Written by on January 18, 2011 in Product - No comments

The ShareFile Sync Power Tool is an automatic synchronization tool allowing you to manage your files and folders directly from your desktop and is a more user-friendly version of our SFCLI tool. ShareFile Sync offers a two-way synchronization option for users to sync files within specific folders for upload and download within the account. The new tool even allows for a one-way synchronization where businesses can protect certain files by designating them to be “upload only” from the user’s desktop into their account.

ShareFile Sync is available to all users in Professional accounts and above; it can also be added to Basic plans as part of the Power Tools package, including a Microsoft Outlook Plug-In. Later this quarter, ShareFile plans to launch an Enterprise Sync tool to provide for more advanced syncing capabilities.

If you have any feedback on the new ShareFile Sync, please send it tosuggestions@ShareFile.com.

To learn more, please visit our ShareFile Knowledge Base Sync page.

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Jennifer Smith (@jen_smith1) is a customer reference manager at Citrix, where she previously served as social media marketing and community manager. A graduate of North Carolina State University, Jennifer majored in business administration. She joined the ShareFile team in 2010 and is a board member of the company’s community service organization, SHARE.