One Factor That Affects Loyalty For 82% of Consumers

At some point each day, you get to be a customer. You use products and services from your phone company, internet provider, grocery store, etc. The great thing about this web of providers is that interactions with these businesses can help you provide better service to your own customers.

Let’s say you purchased a good, and there is some issue with it. When you contact the company that sold you the product, how do they respond? Are you transferred multiple times to explain your dilemma over and over? What if you cannot get in touch with anyone from the Support department? Would you continue to pay for service that does not meet your expectations?

You certainly appreciate receiving better treatment than described above, so it’s amazing that service experiences like this still happen. Although more businesses are using automated support and self-service options, customer service is a big deal. In fact, 82% of consumers in the US say they have stopped doing business with a company due to a poor customer service experience.*

As this statistic indicates, providing good customer service is a priority for any company. One of the keys to offering great service is to understand that everyone in your company is part of the customer service team—not just employees with the title Customer Service Representative. In order for employees to get on board with this approach, customer service must be at the core of your business.

As discussed in the key lessons for exceptional service post written by Sarah a few months ago, all employees within your organization should view individual customers as irreplaceable. For example, you should always make sure you answer customer calls in a reasonable time frame, provide competent support and a friendly interaction overall. Always make sure retaining each customer is a top priority, no matter the “size” of a particular customer.

What are ways your organization strives to excel at customer service?

*Customer Experience Impact 2010 Report