Work the way you want, with the Office 365 Connector

At Citrix, we empower your business to provide secure and reliable access to apps and data anywhere, on any device, across any platform. In short, we don’t want to reinvent your business processes, but to enable you to work the way YOU want, while maintaining bank-level security and improving collaboration and efficiency.

The ShareFile Connector for Office 365 allows you to access and edit your SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business accounts from ShareFile, providing you with the flexibility to determine how and where your team stores files.

Check out these steps to enable the ShareFile Connector for Office 365 today. We recommend having your Office 365 administrator enable the first step.

1. Add the ShareFile Connector for Office 365 from the Microsoft Store. This is a one-time download that must be performed by your Office 365 administrator. Simply click ‘add’ and follow the instructions on the download screen. Access the Microsoft Store here.

Sharefile Connector

2. Next, log in to your ShareFile account in a web browser.
3. Click Admin Settings, then Connectors. Note: Only users with the Create and Manage Connectors permission may create a connector.


Sharefile Connectors


4. Click the Enable button for the OneDrive for Business connector to turn it on for users on your account. By adding a user to the access list for a specific Connector, that user can connect to their OneDrive for Business account. Enter everyone that would like to connect.




5. Enter the URL path to your OneDrive for Business account. Enter the URL as follows, replacing “mysite” with your own domain/site name and adding the %loginname% wildcard where indicated. If you do not know your subdomain, you can find it in your web browser when you sign into OneDrive or SharePoint.connect to their OneDrive for Business account. Enter everyone that would like to connect.



Add Connector


6. Once you have added your Connector Path, click ‘Add Connector.’ You will be automatically given permission to view the Connector.



My Connectors


Note: If prompted, “trust” the ShareFile Connector for Office 365.



Trust The Connector



7. Once you have connected services, your Connector will appear in the Folders section of your sidebar.


Connector Folders


Notes for employee users:

Moving forward, your employee users should repeat steps 6 and 7 to connect to OneDrive as well. Just have them navigate to Personal Settings > My Connectors. Here, users can “Connect” any Connectors that you have been granted access to by the Admin.
Notes and Limitations:
• This feature is included with the ShareFile Advanced, Business and Enterprise Plans
• SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business connectors require Citrix-Managed (cloud) StorageZones. Consequently, these connectors are not available for accounts utilizing a HIPAA storage server.
• File uploads to Personal Cloud or Office 365 Connectors have a maximum upload size of 100 MB per file
• Connectors must have a unique display name. Users will be blocked from using a connector name that is currently in use elsewhere on the account.
To learn more about the ShareFile Connector for Office 365 and how to access it from your mobile device, check out our Connectors Help Article.