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An offbeat World Environment Day celebration with ShareFile

This Monday, June 5th, was World Environment Day. An international holiday with over 140 countries participating, World Environment Day has been celebrated since 1974 to bring awareness to environmental issues. Additionally, it serves as a great time to reflect on the natural world around us — and the part we play in stewarding its continued health.

Readers of this blog are hopefully already aware of the environmental benefits of going paperless with ShareFile. Paper consumption is one of the leading contributors to deforestation in the world, and a major contributor to greenhouse gases as well. However, just in one year, 723 million files were stored using ShareFile, representing 3.62 billion sheets of paper, or over 433,800 trees. Those trees, still standing, would produce enough oxygen for over 200,000 people. Meanwhile, producing that much paper would have released over 50 thousand tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Using ShareFile as part of your office can have a number of other positive benefits to your environment, however, that may be less obvious. It’s common to think of the environment as a bunch of forests and endangered species, but that’s not exactly true. The environment is our surroundings and the world around us, all the time — whether we live in the middle of a city or way out in the country.

If you feel comfortable going for a walk outside without having an asthma attack, that’s an issue of the environment. If you feel safe drinking the water that comes out of the faucet in your home, you’re appreciating your environment. If the streets are full of paper garbage, think about the paperless policy at your office, and consider what more you can do to improve it, both at your workplace and in the community.

So this year, for World Environment Day, I’d like to suggest a more offbeat celebration: don’t go for a hike. Instead, take a walk around your block, and notice the world around you. Is there litter on the street? How clean is the air? If you’re by a river or a lake, how does the water look? All of us at ShareFile will be celebrating with you.