No. 1 General Contractor in California replaces FTP with ShareFile

Ever wonder how other companies are using ShareFile to streamline their day-to-day business? I had the opportunity to sit down with the Swinerton team to get the scoop.

Swinerton Builders , No. 34 of the 2015 ENR Top 400 Contractors, provides commercial construction and construction management services throughout the United States. With multiples offices and dozens of job sites across the country, managing the flow of data and ensuring everyone has the most up-to-date information became a priority for Swinerton.

Not satisfied with the FTP service that was in place at the company, Swinerton employees started creating individual ShareFile accounts for their particular offices and/or projects. With employees using the service, “ShareFile caught like wildfire” and Swinerton leadership decided to centralize ShareFile for the entire company.

“What ShareFile allows us to do is liberate our data. As we’re building projects, there’s a certain amount of data we want private, such as billing documents and contracts. The data we do need to share — specs, plans, modeling — is managed using ShareFile. With ShareFile, we know that jobsites, architects and subcontractors always have the most current data,” says Dustin Hartsuiker, Regional Support Manager.

To learn more about Swinerton’s story, see success story.

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