ShareFile on your website: What could be easier?

When NJ Farm to School Network, a New Jersey-based, volunteer-run nonprofit, planned its first Garden of the Year contest, the team decided to accept submissions via email. It would be simple and familiar; what could go wrong?

A rocky start for the Garden of the Year Contest

With each submission including up to 10 high-resolution pictures, the volume of contest entries quickly crashed the director’s inbox, with some entries completely lost or sent to spam folders. The Farm to School Network team scrambled to correct the problem and organize the submissions. But for a group of committed volunteers who were also balancing career and family obligations, the extra time it took to manage the issue was problematic.

Sheri Kurdakul, NJ Farm to School Network’s marketing and technical advisor, strongly believes in the Farm to School mission of promoting healthy eating habits by sponsoring school gardens, which she wanted to continue celebrating with the contest. To avoid the problems of the first year, Kurdakul signed up for Citrix ShareFile to facilitate collecting the entries.

No more file-size limits. No more wasted time.

Now, ShareFile provides the perfect solution: a website form where entrants can upload files on NJ Farm to School Network’s site, right where they can read contest details. Volunteers simply log in to ShareFile to view and download all of the entries. And no one ever has to worry about file-size limits.

“It’s freed us up technologically so we’re not spending all our time trying to organize things,” says Kurdakul. “Because we’re volunteers, our time is so valuable. The less time we can spend worrying about a platform, the more time we can spend trying to affect change.”

Since a successful experience organizing the Garden of the Year contest, Kurdakul has even found new uses for ShareFile, including organizing speaker materials for the National Farm to Cafeteria Conference and accessing files on the go via the ShareFile iPad app.

For volunteers making the most of their time, ShareFile simplified tasks that didn’t seem that complicated in the first place. And that’s a good thing for them and the communities they support.

Check out this video to see more on how ShareFile has helped the NJ Farm to School Network.