Want to work in the best new workspace in Raleigh? Citrix is still hiring!

Are you passionate about technology? Do you enjoy solving customer challenges? Would you like to build great products? Does working in the best new workspace in Downtown Raleigh sound awesome?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then I have a story for you.

I work in finance, and prior to joining Citrix, my desk at previous jobs rarely moved. I sat with the finance team, doing finance things, talking about numbers all day and debating sophisticated accounting pronouncements (ok, maybe not that last one).

From my first day at Citrix in Raleigh, I’ve moved desks five times. Yes, five. I’ve sat near product development, product management, recruiting, finance, sales, marketing and most recently, customer care.

Why all the changes? We’re growing! As Citrix grows (from about 100 people in 2011 to more than 450 today), we’ve had to shift things around to make room for all the new team members.

Where do you fit into this story? We’re still growing! From director-level positions to entry-level interns and everything in between, we’re still looking for highly motivated, passionate and talented people to join us in our brand new (and not as crowded!) office in downtown Raleigh.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Check out the Citrix Careers page and apply today!