A Word From New ShareFile Employees

Last week I sat down with some of our newest team members to find out what they think of their experiences so far.

Amanda Yost had this to say.“I started with ShareFile just over a week ago. I have had so much fun as a Sales Associate as I get the opportunity to talk with various people from all over the country to learn about how we at ShareFile can make their work life easier and more streamlined. I love that I get to offer a helpful service all day!
Yan Autphenne, new to the marketing team, says he appreciates the relaxed, but professional atmosphere.“It’s very refreshing to me to be in an environment that is open to people’s different ways of doing things, but still in a very collaborative manner. I was told that I’m responsible for this program, but if things come up, ‘let us know and we’ve got your back.’ There is a lot of that kind of support, which is important.”
Ryan O’Shea, also new to the marketing department, talks about how he feels empowered to do his job.“This is a great time to be here because we’re in a stage of growth and there’s a lot of support for the kind of work that people like Yan and myself were brought in to do. I feel like I’ve come in and been handed this program with a lot of support. It’s a very empowering kind of position and that’s a great thing to feel from your management structure.”

It was great to get the opportunity to speak with new team members and get more insight to their overall opinion on Citrix ShareFile’s work environment! We will continue to make Citrix a great place to work.