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New! Edit Microsoft Office Online files with your colleagues in real time

We are thrilled to announce that Microsoft Office Online and ShareFile customers can now co-author Office documents within ShareFile, thanks to our Office 365 integration.

Last year, we launched the Cloud Storage Partner Program to make it easier to work with Office documents no matter where they’re stored. The next milestone in our program is here with real-time co-authoring of Office Online documents stored on Citrix ShareFile. Our goal is to make Office documents more open and accessible, and to provide ShareFile customers greater flexibility in how they work with individuals and teams.

– Kirk Koenigsbauer, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Office

Co-authoring takes collaboration to the next level as multiple users can edit Office documents within the ShareFile web application in a single session. No more tedious file checkouts, merging edits, or “did you upload your changes? I don’t see any!” remarks. Users can access the same file simultaneously and see exactly where each user is editing the file in real time. In addition to increasing production and simplifying workflows, this feature is a testament to our dedication to add value to joint ShareFile and Microsoft customers.

How do I access co-authoring in ShareFile?

Follow these simple steps to take advantage of the co-authoring feature.

In this video from Microsoft’s Channel 9 Launchpad series, our own Chris Anderson was joined by Baldwin Ng on Microsoft’s Developer Experience Team to discuss how the new Citrix ShareFile for Windows 10 app enables online collaboration with Office 365.

We continue to look forward to new innovations and solutions with Microsoft Office 365.

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