National leave the office early day

Hey you, yes you! What are you still doing in the office? It’s the national Leave The Office Earlier Day. Yes, you read that correctly. There is a day dedicated to letting you and your co-workers leave the office early. Everybody loves to go home early, and Leave The Office Early Day encourages you to take some time away from the desk and your work to realize that rest, relaxation, and just letting your mind rest can actually improve morale, attitude and productivity.

The idea of skipping out on work early may sound awesome. However, it does still take some time and effort to get your work done before you leave the office. The goal of National Leave the Office Early Day is not to be unproductive; in fact, it is the exact opposite! This holiday’s goal is to increase your productivity while you’re at work. This will leave you more room in your schedule to enjoy time with your loved ones!

This ingenious day was created by bestselling author and workplace issues expert, Laura Stack, back in 2004. Stack noted that Americans work about 49 hours a week, and a grand total of about 350 more hours a year than most Europeans! Not only is this approach to work crazy, but this approach can also prove detrimental for many reasons. Laura Stack provides these reasons why working too much is not always such a good idea:

• First off all, the quicker things get done, at optimal levels, the more productive (and profitable) a business will be.
• Secondly, the truth is that the nature of work is that for the most part, employees would rather be somewhere else, doing something else, which can lead to distractions which result in lower productivity.
• Thirdly, interminable working days can prove disheartening, acting as a de-motivational factor, causing employees to work at a sluggish pace and get much less done than they would if they were feeling better about themselves.

Undeniably, giving incentive for employees to complete tasks before schedule increase their efficiency and productivity so they can go home sooner. Here are some other tips to help speed up your workflow and productivity:

• Before anything else, to be more productive at work we need to adopt an attitude that supports productivity.

• Stop skipping around from one project to another. You should finish one project before moving onto the next.

• Tackle the task you like the least first thing in the morning.

• For the first two hours of work, don’t open email or answer the phone; instead, use those hours to focus on the tasks that require the most concentration.

• Make use of project management techniques such as the Kanban method to organize to-do items into categories, such as ‘to-do’, ‘doing’, and ‘done’.

Being more productive at work is not a one-size fits all approach. By utilizing a number of our efficiency tips, you can be sure that you don’t fall behind and put that extra time off to good use!

About the Author

As a Social Media Specialist, Anna-Marie Holland spearheads the strategic campaigns and initiatives for the following Citrix brands: ShareFile, RightSignature and Podio. A resident of Raleigh, North Carolina, she received her Bachelor of Science in communication, with a concentration in public relations, from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. When she’s not planning social campaigns, she loves jogging with her miniature collie, partaking in wine tasting, taking local yoga classes and jumping horses over cross country courses.