Jesse Lipson

The myth of intrapreneurship

Written by on March 12, 2014 in Business - No comments

Everyone’s talking about intrapreneurship these days. The idea that a large organization can work as nimbly and efficiently as a startup with a few tweaks to process is trendy and enticing — and it’s mostly a myth, writes Jesse Lipson in his post this week.

Entrepreneurs succeed precisely because intrapreneurship is so difficult and rare. And the reason it’s so rare, Lipson argues, is that large organizations naturally and necessarily create bureaucracy — the mortal enemy of entrepreneurship.

But is bureaucracy always a bad thing? And are there ways for large organizations to work around this inherently non-entrepreneurial culture in order to achieve some of the benefits of the startup mentality? Read Lipson’s answers on, and click here to follow his posts.

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