My Internship Experience at Citrix ShareFile

When I was offered the incredible opportunity to intern on the marketing team at Citrix ShareFile, I was overwhelmed, ecstatic — and entirely unaware of what ShareFile was.

As a rising junior in college, I was beyond eager to receive any internship from any company, let alone one that was fairly recently acquired and already appeared to be so successful. On my first day, I dressed as I believed anyone working at a cubicle for eight hours would — that is to say business casual, only to feel entirely too formal upon walking through the doors. I found myself surrounded my denim, t-shirts, friendly chatter, smiling faces, and more free snacks than college events boast.

My disbelief only continued when I was given a tour that included a game room stocked with LoveSacs, a full kitchen, a supply nook, and an exercise area. I honestly thought that I had researched the wrong company, because there was no way this was what an office environment at a software company could be like.

Personally, I couldn’t have fantasized a better internship experience. You have the solidarity and independence of your own space, which makes it easy to get work done, yet the comfort and stability of a highly qualified team just a few steps away.

During my time here at ShareFile, I have attained an entirely new set of skills that will be invaluable to my future aspirations. My daily responsibilities include reading, organizing, recording and distributing all incoming email for multiple inboxes. I work hand-in-hand with the sales team, and I feel that this interdependent relationship creates an additional dimension to my work. I also lend my time to researching and editing for our content team. Through these roles, I have learned to manage time wisely, remain attentive and organized, and utilize creative problem-solving abilities.

The arrangement and atmosphere gives employees, and especially interns like me, a confidence that otherwise would be lacking. I have never hesitated to ask questions because I know that they will be respectfully answered and explained. To describe the ShareFile team as simply accommodating would be a great injustice and the ultimate understatement.  These circumstances are the perfect catalyst to encourage and assure a level of learning that rivals that of university classes.

My experience every day after has only increased my admiration for the employee experience ShareFile has constructed. It came as no surprise to me to discover that Citrix was ranked in one of the top 50 places to work in 2013 by Glassdoor.

My internship here at Citrix ShareFile was the first of my career, and will undoubtedly be the most memorable and influential in my future employment considerations.

  • Curtis Bowling

    Nice post..! I just loved the part of the Game room, really amazing :). Well, In my opinion the environment in the software industry should be like this because the funny and friendly environment really enhances the creativity and capability of the developers and other employees. I also did my internship in software company in London through which also had a same environment where I learned and enjoyed a lot. All the best for your future..!