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Harnessing the power of a mobile workforce

As the consumption of smart devices developed from everyday personal use into the workplace, business owners faced a decision – either fight the shift and risk losing an already restless workforce, or embrace the change. While the utilization of these personal devices in the workplace brings many challenges, allowing the shift to occur with clear guidelines and rules has a positive effect on businesses with the mobile workforce.

Happiness at work makes a significant difference in the productivity and compliance of employees. Perceived flexibility and willingness to accommodate turns a good work environment into an atmosphere that everyone loves.

However, employing a mobile workforce comes at a price if you do not put proper checks and balances into place. While I will discuss potential pitfalls and how to work around them in my April 27 webinar, here are a few you need to know now:

Prioritize Security

If your business is not currently in a position to ensure the security of your employees’ mobile devices or their home work environments, then you are not ready for a mobile workforce. Proper security protocols must be in place to ensure that your business is protected and everyone is in compliance.

Create a mobile device policy

BYOD policies can be more cost-efficient. If your employees are going to use their own devices then you should provide device and security management services, application support, and every employee should be trained on company’s policies about accessing company data remotely.

Stay connected

Empowering your team to work remotely can be great for productivity. Invest in a real-time communication app like Slack and remote a access tool like ShareConnect to stay in regular communication with employees.

Train your employees

Beyond training on the mobile device security, communicate the rules and risks around the following:

There are obviously many benefits that come from empowering a mobile workforce, and this is only the beginning. Did you miss my webinar on the 3 Tips for Cultivating a Productive Mobile Workforce? Watch it on demand now: