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The Mobile Revolution: Are You Being Left Behind?

Small business owners and entrepreneurs have heard the importance of mobile for years. Mobile is increasingly the most common way consumers research and shop. According to Forrester, a global research and advisory company, worldwide 4.8 billion people will use mobile phones this year. According to the recently released Zenith Media Consumption Forecast, consumers spend an average of 86 minutes a day using the mobile web, compared to 36 minutes on desktop internet.

While you may think your business is mobile-compliant, a mobile-responsive website is simply not enough anymore. If you want to grow your small business, you must also focus on mobile sales, marketing, email and payment.

Let’s look at specifics:

There is even more to learn about the mobile revolution, so I hope you’ll join me August 31 at 2 pm ET for a free webinar that will delve deeper into each topic.