What could you do with the right mobile editing tools?  

When it comes to finding work-life balance, we all agree that it sounds nice. But few of us really know how to achieve it.

Things always seem to come up last minute. You’re juggling getting that proposal approved and submitted with picking up the kids from school. Or you need to make the final edits to that brief, but you’re at the airport waiting to catch a flight.

You even could be like me and need to write this blog post while waiting at the car repair shop because you had a flat tire this morning.

What if I told you that you didn’t have to sacrifice your life to make sure you finish any of those work requests? You can do both. No, really. Change that proposal before the school bell rings. Edit that brief at the airport gate. Write that blog post at the tire shop.

How? With the ShareFile mobile app and its new mobile editing feature, available on any iOS  device and on Android tablets. Now you can edit any Microsoft Office document or annotate any PDF file within the app right from your smartphone or tablet. Because we know that you don’t just need to access and share your files on the go; you need to actually work on them, too.

And this isn’t something I’m just telling you is great; I’m sitting here using it right now. My deadlines didn’t have to suffer this morning because I had a small emergency in my life. I just tapped the ShareFile app on my iPad and worked while waiting. Easy.

After my experience today, I have a question for you. What could you do with the right mobile editing tools?

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