A millennial’s open letter to her desk computer

aka Why I’m Dating Other Workspaces

To my dearest D.C. (Desk Computer),

You’ve been a rock for me throughout the years – always faithfully waiting for me in the morning, booting up quickly, lighting up your dual monitors with delight, and ready to get down to business. Yes, we’ve truly done a lot of excellent work together.

But now I have to confess something- I’ve been taking my laptop and seeing other work spaces. Sometimes, it’s a small move, like sitting outside on the cafe patio on a lovely day; on other days, I will pack up my bag and head over to that low-key bar with over-sized couches and have a big fat glass of non-alcoholic beverage while cranking out some tasks.

So, D.C., this is me declaring that we can officially no longer be in an exclusive relationship. I would say that, “it’s not you; it’s me”… except that’s not entirely true. Trying out new work spaces has enabled me to:

      1. Find new energy and inspiration from different surroundings: I’m sorry to tell you this, but my most creative ideas usually don’t come when I’m sitting and staring at you. If I’m stuck on something or need to get a fresh perspective, taking a break is usually what does the trick. I’ll even admit to you that my best ideas seem to come as soon as I start walking to the bathroom. I know; I’ve gotten weird.


      1. The. Zone. -: this really isn’t your fault – you just happen to be part of an extremely open, collaborative work space layout where people walking by can be a huge distraction. Sometimes, I just need another place to throw on headphones and decrease the number of human faces in my peripheral vision! I honestly don’t blame you for my hyper extrovertedness/self-inflicted ADD.


      1. Collaborate better with other people: When I’m with you, sometimes it feels like people don’t want to approach me because they think they’ll interrupt us, and there’s not enough space to work with other people. Please don’t take it personally; you simply weren’t designed to be a co-working space, and that’s all.



D.C., I really enjoy spending time with you but hope that you can understand my need for this to be an open relationship. I’ll see you tomorrow (maybe)!


steph styers

Stephanie Styers, a millennial in her natural habitat

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Stephanie Styers has been managing paid search marketing at Citrix in Raleigh since 2015. She loves play listing for any and every occasion, testing her survival skills outdoors, and being a co-ringmaster for a dog and cat circus at home.