5 Ways the ShareFile Microsoft Outlook Plugin can improve productivity, securely

Improving productivity is a hot topic. Time is a finite resource so everyone is trying to find ways to do more in the same amount of time. Technology has greatly increased what is possible, but it also adds significant complexity. Using disparate systems that do not interact can waste time and hinder productivity. At Citrix ShareFile, we take a different approach. We look for opportunities to make the tasks our customers are already doing more productive through powerful and intuitive integrations. Our Microsoft Outlook Plugin continues to be our most popular app for good reason – it is easy to use with powerful features. Designed to fit seamlessly into the already-established workflow of email, the Outlook Plug-in brings the security and flexibility of ShareFile to email. This deep integration can help improve productivity in five key ways.

Limitless sharing

While a basic task, sharing large files with colleagues and clients continues to be a pain point. Many companies put restrictions on file and mailbox sizes, which leaves many employees in a bind trying to collaborate effectively both internally and externally. With the Outlook Plug-in, users can send large files – no size limit! – from the local device or from ShareFile securely. Users have the ability to customize their settings, putting them in control of who has access to their data.

Get (and stay) organized

The Outlook Plugin also makes it easier to request files AND keep those files organized. Users can include a link in their signature for co-workers and clients to put files. Or request files on an individual basis. The plugin makes it easy for users to get the files they need in an organized way.

Be secure

With data breeches and hacks in the news almost daily, protecting IP and company data is crucial. The Outlook plugin provides users the ability to encrypt not only the ShareFile link but also the body of the email itself. This provides added piece of mind that your communication is secured.

Collaborate efficiently

Improving productivity requires more than just sending files quickly and securely – it provides users the opportunity to find optimization and efficiency throughout their usual processes and procedures. Feedback and Approvals Workflows, available through the Outlook Plugin, allows users to collaborate on a document in one environment. No more long email chains and multiple versions of a document with lengthy edits and comments. Using Feedback and Approvals Workflows, users can start a workflow right from Outlook and start getting organized feedback and approval right away.


But the most important way the Outlook Plugin improves productivity is its simplicity. With the amount of products needed to complete tasks ever increasing, the Outlook Plugin provides an intuitive way to leverage the power of ShareFile right from Outlook. Whether sending or requesting large files, protecting data, or creating efficient collaboration, the ShareFile Outlook Plugin helps customers improve productivity, securely.

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