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Microsoft Office 365 + ShareFile integration: what it means for you

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Which kinds of files do you store in your ShareFile account? For many users, the most common file types are documents from the popular Microsoft Office productivity suite. Recognizing that, we partnered with Microsoft Office 365 to make it even easier to use those documents when you store them in ShareFile.

With the Microsoft Office 365 + ShareFile integration, you can edit Word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations directly within your ShareFile account — no need to download files and upload them again, or even have Office installed at all. We’re very excited about this feature, and we wanted to share a few ways it can help your business for the better.

Real time edits from anywhere

With the ability to open, edit, and save documents directly within ShareFile, working on the go becomes a whole lot easier. With ShareFile and Office 365, you can open and edit a crucial spreadsheet or access and display a Powerpoint presentation directly from your mobile device when you’re working in the field or meeting with a client. This integration can also help you easily get work done from home or on any computer without Microsoft Office already installed. Simply access the file in ShareFile and you’re good to go.

Save time and reduce busy work

Every time you open a file with the ShareFile and Office 365 integration, it loads right away, without the need to download your file, find it on your hard drive, open up Office, and do the whole process again in reverse when you want to upload your edits back to ShareFile. Those few seconds you save every time you work on a document can really add up! Additionally, you don’t need to worry about remembering to upload your file, or bother with version control — ShareFile takes care of all of it.

Combine the tools you already use

As mentioned above, the Microsoft Office suite has been the gold standard for business software around the world for decades. Our goal at ShareFile is always to help your business work the way you want to. By connecting ShareFile to this overwhelmingly popular tool, we listened to you to add ways that ShareFile can enhance and simplify the workflow you already know and love.

Interested in the Microsoft Office 365 + ShareFile integration? Contact one of our integration specialists to learn more.