Meet the man behind the product: A day in the life of ShareFile’s director of engineering services

As we mentioned in a recent post, working in engineering at Citrix supporting the ever-expanding features of ShareFile is fast-paced and challenging. So it certainly must take a special kind of person — with a very busy schedule — to lead the team and keep all of the pieces moving. To find out how he does it, I sat down with the director of engineering services for the ShareFile team, Girish Hoogar.

Girish has been with Citrix for more than 13 years, most recently working to grow and shape ShareFile’s QA, build and release teams. Even though he’s quite a busy guy, he managed to find the time for a little Q&A.

Q: What are your main responsibilities at Citrix?

GH: I am the director of engineering services for the ShareFile team, which consists of three groups: release management, quality engineering and build. My team and I are involved in every single phase of releases for ShareFile’s new features, new versions, updates, everything. And it’s my top priority to make sure that we deliver on time and with utmost quality.

Q: Do you have a morning routine?

GH: A typical day for me begins at 5:30 AM. Since a number of people on my team are based in Bangalore, I get quite a few emails overnight, and I like to check and respond to those as early as possible. To keep my sanity intact, I do about 30 minutes of Taekwondo and then 30 minutes of meditation after email. The highlight of my morning comes next: breakfast with my family. This is when I get to hear from my 9-year-old son what he is planning to do at school that day. After dropping him off, I head into the office.

The only time my routine really changes is when I workshift. At least once every two weeks, I work from my house, which overlooks a farm. It is the most peaceful place to work, and I just love it.

Q: What is your work style?

GH: There’s a sign hanging in my cubicle that says, “BS FREE ZONE,” and it pretty much describes the whole engineering area. (Well, it spells out BS, but you get the idea.) We’re just too busy to have time for people who don’t have their acts together.

With that in mind, I encourage a structured work style for my team. At Citrix, we all wear multiple hats, and you need to be to keep everything straight. I’m also a release manager on top of the other things, so it is important that I set proper goals and expectations for to make sure project releases are successful.

Q: In five years, where would you like to be and where would you like to see ShareFile as a product?

GH: Five years from now, I still expect to be part of this amazing ShareFile team, which continues to innovate and outsmart our competition. As for ShareFile, I want to see it as the top of our industry in the small and medium-sized business and enterprise markets, and I plan to do everything in my abilities to achieve this goal.

Q: What are your biggest challenges?

GH: I am big fan of the ShareFile team’s culture and want to ensure it is upheld. We are rapidly growing, and the biggest challenge is to hire the best talent while still making sure that they fit and enjoy our unique culture.

 Q: Do you have a favorite book or movie?

GH: “Winning” by Jack Welch is my favorite book. It outlines how you can win in any situation, so I highly recommend it. My favorite movie is “13 Tzameti,” a really beautiful black and white French film. I accidentally came across this morning one Saturday night flipping through the channels, and it’s been my favorite ever since. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart, so fair warning if you go to watch it!

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