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Make ShareFile part of your hurricane prep

Over the past week, I refreshed 500 times. With a huge hurricane spinning in the tropics, I made lists of things we will need to stay safe and dry – flashlights, clean towels, blankets, diapers, dog food. I filled up my gas tank today on the way into the office and there are 30 bottles of water rolling around the trunk of my car.

I don’t mean to be alarmist but Matthew looks terrifying:

I worry about keeping my family safe, just like you. I worry about my car and the big oak tree in my backyard. I worry about my 23-year old roof and the files stored in boxes in my attic. The tax records, the car titles, the health records. I can picture the big gust of wind ripping shingles open and water pouring in, destroying our family paperwork, holiday ornaments, off season clothes  – exactly what happened to my parents 20 years ago during Hurricane Fran.

While I can’t protect the holiday garlands, I can protect our files. Tonight I will scan all of our tangible paper files into ShareFile and store them in the Citrix cloud. Yes, even our tax records – with a 256-bit encryption in transit and at rest, I feel at ease that our financial information will be even more safe in the cloud than in our attic.

If you’re scrambling to prepare for a potential storm and starting to worry about the file cabinets in your office, take a deep breath. We’ve got you.

So grab your flashlights, peanut butter and bread, and sign up for your free 30-day trial. Let’s get your files in the cloud above the hurricane.

Stay safe this week. Our thoughts are with you and know that your files are safe with us.