Macworld reviews ShareFile and awards it 4.5 out of 5…. again!

Citrix ShareFile continues to help our customers embrace the future of work, and this means meeting our customers where they are regardless of operating system. Macworld acknowledged the value ShareFile continues to deliver to customers by awarding ShareFile 4.5 out of 5 in their recent product review. In fact, this is the second year in a row their ShareFile review resulted in a 4.5 out of 5 from the publication.

This year Macworld’s review specifically highlighted a number of new features for ShareFile, including:


Updated Workflow Options 

ShareFile introduced two new workflow features in the last year: Feedback and Approval Workflow and Custom Workflows. Feedback and Approval Workflow dramatically simplifies the process of exchanging, reviewing and approving large and complex documents. It is the only tool of its kind that allows businesses and their clients to collaboratively annotate, review and approve large documents in an intuitive centralized environment without the need for software or file downloads.

Custom Workflows streamlines and automates repeated, time-consuming processes that customers face daily. It allows customers to create simple and easy custom forms and workflows without extensive IT resources required.


ShareFile for Outlook with Mac Support

ShareFile for Outlook is a new Microsoft Outlook add-on that brings ShareFile functionality to Outlook for Mac and Outlook Online (Office 365, Outlook Web Access and Users can share files from a computer or desktop as well as request files from ShareFile without having to leave the Outlook app.


Desktop App for Mac

ShareFile Desktop App for Mac gives users more flexibility to manage their ShareFile account. ShareFile Desktop App for Mac provides secure, one-click access to ShareFile without having to open a web browser.


Reporting Tools

ShareFile provides robust reporting and auditing features enable IT to track and log user activity in real time and create custom reports to meet corporate data policies and compliance requirements. Audit logs and click trails offer full control and streamlining of the due diligence process during M&A deals and legal transactions.


Security options

ShareFile takes security seriously and Macworld declared, “Citrix ShareFile remains a top-notch tool for securely sharing files with everyone you do business with.” While ShareFile has numerous security features, protecting data at rest and in transit with 256-bit encryption helps prevent unauthorized access to data over unsecured networks and email and allows users to work safely from anywhere with data protected. Other options like robust user control and access as well as remote wipe gives users complete control over who has access to data regardless of location. Additional security features that support HIPAA-compliance are available as well, and Citrix is doing the work necessary to fulfill the requirements of GDPR.


The entire ShareFile review is available Here.


Not already a customer? Sign up for a free trial of ShareFile today and try these features for yourself. ShareFile has even more in store for 2017. Stay tuned!

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