Three things legal professionals should look for in a cloud file sharing and storage solution

We’ve all heard about the cloud and the increasing shift to cloud-based work, but professionals across many industries are still wary of the implications of moving data out of their servers and onto Software as a Service or SaaS-based solutions.

Because Citrix ShareFile is a leading SaaS solution for legal professionals seeking secure file transfer and storage, we decided to partner with one of our customers, Robert Rehm, of Smith Anderson law firm to present a CLE session focused on this topic at the LegalTech New York conference held in February.

The CLE session, titled “SaaS Vendors and Users – Peaceful Co-existence in the Cloud,” offered three main takeaways for legal professionals to consider when evaluating a cloud-based solution:

1. Data accessibility and security.

Loss of control of data can cause angst for professionals, especially when it involves sensitive trade documentation or personal details, including HIPAA-regulated personal health information (PHI). That’s why it’s imperative to find a solution such as Citrix ShareFile that meets data compliance and security standards without compromising accessibility or ease of use.

2. Service reliability.

As ubiquitous and dependable as the Internet tends to be, there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to access a website that’s down. When evaluating cloud-based solutions, always be sure to request a “targeted availability metric” for how often the service is unavailable, which should be a very low percentage of time.

3. Disaster recovery.

With cloud-based solutions, information is usually transferred to the vendor’s data center. So what happens when the unexpected occurs? Choose a vendor that can easily address these unexpected instances and provide a backup plan for your data should disaster strike.

The shift to the cloud doesn’t have to be scary with cloud-based solutions such as Citrix ShareFile, which allows you to access your data quickly and easily, while mitigating compliance and security risks. The next time you are evaluating a SaaS vendor, be sure to address these issues for the safety of your data. Start your free 30-day trial of ShareFile today to see how we can help you.