Leading Through Digital Transformation: Improving Your Business in a Time of Disruption

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We are in the midst of a spin cycle of constant disruption set to the extreme, thanks to steady technological innovation that is impacting every area of industry and life. The common term for this spin cycle is digital transformation. As all change inevitably does, the digital transformation provides angst. But it also offers immense opportunity for leaders willing to embrace change and seize disruption.

Leaders who successfully steer their organizations through transformation are High Beam leaders. High Beam leaders look three to five years into the future and extrapolate trends they can use to help organizations gain advantage, as well as be more efficient and able to navigate changing market conditions. High Beam leadership is a quality any leader earns with enough desire and effort. How? Let’s examine the ways of High Beam leadership:

Identify Critical Trends

There are trends, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, cybersecurity, or quantum computing that may play a big role in the future of your industry. It is critical to identify which trends are most likely to create seismic shifts in your market. These are the trends in which you should concentrate your future vision.

Build a Vision of the Future

With these trends in mind, what will your organization look like in three to five years? How about your industry? Creating this future vision will help you best plan for disruption.

Develop a Rivers of Information®

A Rivers of Information is the outcome of creating a stream of content that flows to you based on the trends that you’ve identified above. This content might be in the form of articles, newsletters, blogs, podcasts, or social media influencers. Your Rivers of Information will help you most efficiently become an expert in the identified trends.

Create a Plan of Action

Where are you now and where would you like to be? After assessing your current state and then your desired future state, develop a roadmap of how to get from the former to the latter. In identifying guideposts, which are long term aspirational achievements you’d like to see the organization attain, you further sharpen your action plan.

Communicate Your Vision

Finally, it is important to clearly share your vision with the rest of your organization. In this way, you can motivate and inspire your team while ensuring that everyone is on the same page and has bought into the future you’ve identified for the organization.

Disruption is inevitable. That’s especially true in today’s constantly shifting markets, markets in which overstuffed stalwarts are being replaced by ravenous startups in nothing more than the ring of a dinner bell. Protect your organization and strengthen it during a time of disruption it is important to look to the future, prepare for what’s coming and develop into a High Beam leader.

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