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Kloudless brings ShareFile to your Gmail account

For years now, ShareFile has had the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, which allows our customers to send and request files via ShareFile directly from a Microsoft Outlook email account. The plugin simplifies and secures the way you already work, converting email attachments and large files automatically to secure ShareFile links. 

And now, we’re partnering with Kloudless to bring this same simple security to your Gmail account.

Kloudless allows customers to automatically move any attachment sent or received in Gmail to cloud storage, now including ShareFile. With Kloudless and ShareFile, you can use the email tool you want and still have the benefits and security you love from ShareFile.

By adding the Kloudless integration for Gmail to our existing ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, ShareFIle now works with the two most popular emails systems in the world. This gives our customers just one more way to make ShareFile work in exactly the way they need it to, without adding steps to workflow.

Want to connect your Gmail account to ShareFile? First, you’ll need to download the Kloudless tool. Next, in the Inbox of your Gmail account, you’ll click kloudless, which will now appear in the upper right-hand portion of the screen. Next, click Settings and select to connect you Citrix ShareFile account. Complete the form with your ShareFile credentials, and start sharing files with ShareFile right from your Inbox.

Need more help with Kloudless? Learn more about getting started at