ShareFile holds the key to security for one manufacturing company

One of the things that makes ShareFile so special is that there are so many different ways our customers can use ShareFile to make their businesses more effective. I recently sat down with one of our customers in the manufacturing industry to talk about how her company uses ShareFile.

Keyport, located in Las Vegas, Nev., provides its customers with a replacement for the standard keychain. The company’s Keyport Slide is a small box that holds up to six ‘blades’ or inserts.

When a customer orders a Keyport Slide from Keyport, they take a picture of both the front and back of each key using a key ID form. Then they upload the completed form to ShareFile through Keyport’s website. This allows Keyport locksmiths to identify a key blank for each customer key so the order is processed correctly. Through ShareFile, Keyport places customer files in individual folders to make storing and organization simple.

ShareFile protects data with SSL/TLS encryption protocols and up to AES 256-bit encryption, which gives Keyport and its customers confidence in the security of the process. Keyport customers send images of keys to their houses, cars and more from all over the world, so having a secure route for uploading images is important.

“We have customers from 60 countries around the world uploading files into ShareFile for key ID forms,” says Aimee Henkel, operations manager at Keyport. “Our customers want to know this is a very secure process; the first thing we tell them is that we use ShareFile.”

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