Keeping ShareFile Green

One of the great things about being acquired has been discovering how well our ShareFile values align with those of our new company, Citrix. Being able to work together and learn from each other’s best practices has been a terrific experience in a business sense — and more and more we’re finding that’s the case with our employee wellness goals as well.

Our most recent project? Sustainability in the office. You may have heard that Citrix is renovating an old steel warehouse in Downtown Raleigh into a LEED-certified office building that will be smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable than anything the company has done before. We’re combining technologies from across the globe so we’ll know more about what we’re using, how we’re using it and, most importantly, how we can use less of it.

But that’s no reason to put off doing the right things today! We’ve added composting through a local startup, CompostNow, to one of our offices and are looking to roll it out to another in the coming weeks. We’re beginning to offer employees permanent dishes, and more ways to fill up on water (without a bottle!). We’re working with our property management company to regulate temperature in the offices, and encouraging people to shut off their computers and turn off lights when they’re not in use. Little things, but they all add up!

Because some things can’t be reduced or reused, we’re also increasing our education on local recycling options. As a technology company, so much of what we do depends on having very high-performing technology; when it’s no longer what we need, it’s still more than suitable for many others in the community. So now we’re looking at donation options and, where that doesn’t work, e-recycling.

Outside the office, we’re encouraging employees to carpool and take alternative transportation options when they can. Our new office will even have indoor, protected bike storage!

Stay tuned as we develop more programs and initiatives for employees.  And if you’re ready to make your home or office more sustainable, check out these great resources to get you started.

City of Raleigh Accepted and Non-accepted recycling items