Four ways to keep on track when you workshift  

We talk about workshifting frequently here on the ShareFile blog, covering everything from the rules for working from a coffee shop to the ways to convince your boss to let you go mobile. And without question, we love seeing the growing number of companies that give employees the freedom and flexibility to make work fit their lives and not the other way around.

You can get just as much done while workshifting as you would normally, but if you only do it occasionally, it’s understandable to worry about the risk of losing focus without an office setting.

To help keep you productive, here are four tips for staying on track when you workshift.

Evaluate your environment. Think about your location and plan accordingly. Whether you’ll be in a coffee shop or at home, consider anything that could become a distraction: lighting, noise levels, Internet reliability and even smell. Avoid mishaps by picking a comfortable location that’s conducive to work.

Stay connected with colleagues. When you workshift, your colleagues should only notice your physical absence and nothing else. They should be able to find you, talk to you or meet with you just as if you were sitting at your desk. Choose tools, such as office chat, instant messaging or video conferencing, that keep you available and in the loop.

Have the essentials. You’ve planned out a suitable environment, but you also need to make sure you have the devices you need: laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. And equally as important, make sure you have all of the appropriate accessories, such as headphones, chargers and cords, to keep from losing power or focus.

Remember to take a break. That’s right, a break. The office has its fair share of distractions–people stopping by your desk, coffee breaks and walks to the conference room. But when you’re alone workshifting, you can go hours without even getting up to stretch your legs, which is when your mind tends to wander. Planned breaks give you the time you need to regroup and stay productive.

Workshifting allows you to balance work and life without compromising either, but not being in an office can be challenging if it isn’t what you’re used to. With these tips, you can workshift when needed and always be sure to stay on track while doing so.

Do you workshift frequently? What tips do you have for staying on track?